Such a sad and troublesome time in the world at the moment, I keep wondering to myself what world are my children growing up in? To bring you a little happiness read this amazing story. Meet Amanda, Director and creator of the most amazing charity, one which Mini First Aid are supporting this year, Wrap Pyjama Fairies. Hear more from Amanda... Wrap 2 "Have you ever given CPR to your own child? The question stirs up lots of emotion for me, as I have had to give CPR to my own daughter, Nevaeh. Nevaeh arrived in May 2014 and she was perfect! Our family were happy at home when at two days old Nevaeh was rushed back to hospital as I gave her CPR. We discovered she was in heart failure. What followed was a blur of tests, diagnoses, complicated medical jargon, operations, doctors, nurses and hospital admissions. Throughout her time in hospital I realised that she spent most of her time naked and she would scream in discomfort when I had to undress her for the staff to give their care. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable for her to wear I decided to create some comfortable specially designed pyjamas for her to wear. These special pyjamas meant she could stay dressed, warm, safe and virtually pain free while the medical team looked after her. Whilst searching online for fabric to use I met Chelsea and after some discussion, the Wrap Pyjama Fairies was born! We started with a simple goal: to create and distribute beautiful pyjamas and surgical gowns that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness. Our pyjamas are specially designed with front opening to make dressing easier and to allow ease of access for the medical professionals. Our surgical gowns are made in beautiful, bright and fun fabrics so that we can relieve some of the fear that children may have. All of our gowns are lovingly sewn by our incredible volunteers and are provided free of charge for poorly children in the UK (just pay £3 for postage). If you would like to order for your child visit" Wrap PJS Amanda - we think you and your team of Pyjama Fairies are amazing! We believe in Fairies!