When travelling in France the emergency number to call is 112. Dialling 999 from your mobile will work too. Local language tutor and mummy Jacky Burton has produced translations for First Aid & Medical emergencies especially for Mini First Aid. Take a copy of these, as they could end up being just what you need. Make sure you don't forget to pack your first aid kit too! First aid translations: FRENCH Service / salle des urgences = A & E department C’est une urgence = it’s an emergency S’il vous plaît, appelez un médecin = Call a doctor please S’il vous plaît, appelez des urgences = Call A & E please Mon/ma bébé est malade = My baby is ill Mon enfant est malade = My child is ill Mon enfant / mon bébé a une température / de la fièvre = My child / baby has a temperature Mon enfant / mon bébé saigne [senya] = My child / baby is bleeding Mon enfant / mon bébé ne respire [respeer] pas = My child / baby isn’t breathing Mon enfant / mon bébé respire avec difficulté = My child / baby is having difficulty breathing Mon enfant / mon bébé a une eruption / une allergie contre quelque chose [kel ker shoes] = My child / baby has a rash / is allergic to something Je crois [cwa] que [ker] mon enfant / mon bébé a la méningite = I think my child / baby has meningitis Mon enfant / mon bébé a eu [oo] une attaque [attack] = My child / baby has had a seizure/fit If you want to learn baby & child first aid for just £20pp Book a 2 hour First Aid Class by visiting www.minifirstaid.co.uk