Kate Ball We are a 2.4 family – boy and girl, no need for more right? Wrong… I kept looking at that middle seat in the back of the car thinking, wouldn’t it be just lovely to have one more, surely one more can squeeze in? We won’t even notice an extra little person in this mad house. Mr. Mini First Aid agreed – well it would be rude not to. This is where our baby journey began. At Mini First Aid we meet lots of families who have had real pain and challenge to bring a baby into the world – something that for me has never really been an issue, we are the lucky couple who can smile at each other and I get pregnant. Not quite the case last year – the wanted baby 3 pregnancy was achieved by smiling at each other (again). However this time was not so rosy. Awful trimester 1 sickness and fatigue, bed bound with flu like symptoms “got to be a good thing right?” absolute nightmare, felt terrible and had 2 children and a growing business to contend with. First scan and the impossible in our bubble happened. “How many weeks pregnant do you think you are?” “Are you sure” “I’m so sorry but I cannot detect a heart-beat” and all I can hear is my children screaming from the waiting room – we want to see Mummy’s tummy on the TV. Nightmare. Known as a missed miscarriage, surprisingly common but rarely talked about. My body still thought I was pregnant (hence the sickness) but my baby had not survived. What had to follow was grim, surgical and ultimately very sad – not to mention my hormones which were going mental. Cue a break, no more babies, me time, family time, and concentrate on what we had at home. Stop wanting more. Well that lasted for five minutes. The urge to fill the back seat space was off the scale. And we smiled at each other again (ok this is in jest but you get the drift.) I got pregnant once again. Instead of delight came worry, nerves, I felt the same as last time so instead of thinking this is a good thing, I was racked with nerves that now this was a bad thing…. I got to that first scan somehow, no idea how really. Same questions, “how many weeks pregnant do you think you are” (not again) quieter as the screaming children had been left at home this time. “Are you ready for this?” For what? More bad news? “There are 2 clear heart beats” I can’t type the next 2 sentences, far too many expletives – far too rude. We had overnight turned into the Waltons! just one more_2 As I write this it is National Twins, Triplets & More week – celebrating the joy that multiple births bring to so many families across the UK. Joy is perhaps not the best word to describe how I am feeling physically right now - 24 weeks in and weighing in at 10 tonnes. “oooo when are you due, tomorrow?” “your bump is massive” At Mini First Aid, Twins are becoming a trend, not only me but 2 of our own Mini First Aid trainers have twins (these two wonderful ladies are going to be my mentors). I’ve always greeted Twin mummies with awe when they attend our classes, now I am faced with the reality that it’s going to be me. The baby journey for Women is tough, the challenges different for every woman. Frankly we should high five every parent who comes into our classes because they all have a journey to tell. For more information on Miscarriage support visit the wonderful support charity Tommy’s. For information on Twins & Multiple pregnancies visit Twins and multiple births association –TAMBA. And of course, Twin and multiples families are always welcome at our first aid classes. Life is busy at Mini First HQ – not only is the business growing but also now so is our family. Photograph courtesy of the rather amazing Rachel Barron Photography.