At Mini First Aid, our aim above anything else; is to help keep you and your family safe through our range of first aid classes and weekly blogs. So we’re right behind World First Aid Day 2018 run by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) which started in 2000. World First Aid Day aims to raise awareness of how first aid can prevent injuries and save lives in every day and crisis situations, as well as promoting the accessibility of first aid. 

At Mini First Aid, we want to give parents the skills, confidence and support to keep children safe, and in line with World First Aid Day we’re bringing you a story from one of our parents this week. 

Shereen's story

Shereen's words say it all. With the skills Shereen learned from her Mini First Aid class, she stayed calm and knew what to do when her baby was choking.

"We attended the Mini First Aid class when I was pregnant last year. Fast forward to now and my baby girl is 8 months old and my training has just saved her life! My daughter began silently choking on a piece of toast and had started to turn purple, because of my training I remained as calm as can be in that situation and was able to get her in the correct position and give her some black blows and retrieve the nasty culprit. £20 I paid for that course, it was the best £20 I ever spent because my daughter's life is pricelss. I know for a fact before attending the course I would have just panicked and screamed, not knowing the best course of action. Thank you so much Mini First Aid, you saved my daughter's life and for that I'm eternally grateful."

Shereen knows first-hand just how important it is to stay calm and act quickly. Learning first aid is a life skill every parent should have.

All our trainers are friendly, supportive and fully trained in paediatric first aid. So why not use World First Aid Day as the motivation you need to book onto a Mini First Aid course or encourage your friends and family to do one. Working together can save lives. 


As it's World First Aid Day this weekend, we are giving away a FREE place on one of our award winning 2-hour Mini First Aid classes for parents, grandparents or carers.  The course covers CPR, choking, bumps, burns, breaks, bleeding, febrile seizures and meningitis awareness and will give anyone who attends the peace of mind they deserve.

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