This week the lovely Sarah from Tommy&REX talks us through how to pack your hospital bag . . .


I’m Sarah Mathias, founder of the Baby Gifting business Tommy&REX @tommyandrexgifts. I’m 33 and Mum to Tommy, 3 and Rex, 2. We live in Lancashire where I juggle looking after the boys and running the business. I’ve had one natural birth and one section birth and through my business I speak to Mum’s every day about their experiences, covering everything from sleeping techniques to general moral support.


Preparing for a baby can be daunting and there’s always more to buy than you first envisage. And then it comes to the time when you start thinking about your hospital bag and you’re completely overwhelmed with what you should be packing. First time round I put it off for ages, but second time round I had my bag packed much earlier and knew exactly what to put in it and what not to! This time it was most definitely filled with more stuff for me and I think I packed it in about 10 minutes flat.


So here are my lists in the hope it makes your packing experience more straightforward. I was lucky enough to have a short hospital stay with both births but it's best to be prepared for the long haul!


For Mum

- Maternity Notes

- 2 Nightdresses/PJs

- Dressing Gown – something light rather than a fluffy one. Hospitals are hot and you’ll have postnatal sweats

- Slippers or flip flops

- Bras (Nursing Bras if needed)

- Knickers – about 5 pairs (big high waisted comfy ones)

- Clothes to go home in (something loose and airy, nothing tight round the waist)

- Toiletry bag – toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and lipbalm (lips get so dry during all that heavy breathing in labour)

- Hairbrush and bobbles/hairband

- Towel for showering

- HUGE, really cheap sanitary pads (DO NOT take the likes of Always, as they sweat against you and won’t hold liquid well enough)

- Breast pads

- Make up – if you’re like me you’ll want to make sure you have your lippy to hand for some pics

- Snacks – I find the sugary type are the best

- Sugary drink

- Water bottle – like a Camelbak you can refill and can't spill

- Change of top for birthing partner (they might get messy!)

- Phone charger - your lifeline if you have to stay over

- Headphones


For Baby

- 3 Sleepsuits

- 3 Vests

- Going home outfit

- Cardigan/extra layer

- 2 blankets - I always preferred my own to hospital ones

- Socks or booties (if needed)

- Snowsuit/Pramsuit (if a winter baby)

- Nappies

- Wipes

- Nappy Sacks

- Muslins

- Scratch Mitts

- Hat

- Some formula milk in ready made bottles - not everyone can or wants to breastfeed so best to be prepared.


I hope this has helped and you now feel prepared to go and pack your hospital bag! Good luck!


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