Preparing to wean your baby is a time of excitement and nerves; "Will they like solid food?" "How will my baby take to my chosen style of weaning" and for many "What do I do if they choke?"   Baby boy (9-12 months) wearing pea costume, portrait At Mini First Aid, parents and carers attending the classes have often been motivated to attend by a fear of choking. Choking is serious, and in some cases can be fatal. The techniques for dealing with choking are well documented online, with many reference tools available, If your baby is choking they will not be able to make a noise. You will need to deliver 5 back blows. Hold the baby face down along your thigh with their head lower than their bottom. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades. If back blows do not dislodge the object, move on to step two. Give up to 5 chest thrusts. Turn the baby over so they are facing upwards and place two fingers in the middle of their chest. Push inwards and upwards up to five times. If chest thrusts do not dislodge the object, repeat steps one and two. But will you open an 'app' or look in a first aid manual if you were faced with that situation? What you need is practical experience, at a class with a First Aid mannequin to which you can test the techniques and feel confident. Weaning should be exciting, fun and messy and not be filled with anxiety about choking. So whilst you're stocking up on food storage cubes, weaning spoons, Annabel Karmel books, bibs and all the rest of the kit, book yourself into a Mini First Aid class. Peace of mind, that is what you need. Next class Wednesday 1st October 7pm Mini First Aid Classes cover; Choking, CPR, Burns, Bleeding, Breaks & Bumps, Meningitis and Febrile Convulsions and last for 2 hours. Costing just £20 per person.