The pressure to be doing OK is immense for Mums. Working, managing growing broods of Children, managing homes, and maintaining relationships with friends and our nearest and dearest. Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.14.26 Since having twins, bringing our broad to 4, people often stop me to tell me I am Super Woman. I don’t even wear my pants over my trousers and I still get told that. It’s a lovely compliment. But underneath the bronzer and the chirpy smile, some days I don’t feel like Super Woman, in fact the complete opposite. My children drive me mad, I’m sleep deprived, I’ve got too many things I want to do with Mini First Aid and there are never enough hours in the day. You may think, lower your standards, get help, don’t put so much pressure on yourself – the problem is I’m not wired that way and I don’t like cutting myself any slack. For me the biggest challenge for me were how my hormones made me feel. I wasn’t prepared for that horrible flat feeling that thumps you when you are post-natal. I often described my life like being on a treadmill, and some days, frankly I wanted to get off and shout I AM NOT OK! And then the next day I could feel completely different. You can’t put a plaster on Mental Health issues, talking to my GP was wonderful.  It’s OK to not be OK (I’m telling myself this as I type).  There is a world of support out there. Today is World Maternal Mental Health Day. More women will suffer from Maternal Mental Health issues than the combined number of new cases for men and women of leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus and epilepsy. Together we stand with partners around the globe to lift the stigma around maternal mental health complications. We stand together to break the silence for every woman.  Please share, and connect the dots around motherhood and for Maternal Mental Health. International association for women's mental health