Want some Bedtime reading? Turn the clock back 6 months, and I’m suffering from terrible pregnancy insomnia. I’ve maxed out the Internet shopping, social media scrolling is becoming blurred and I still can’t sleep. I know…. I’ll write a book. Ha! You think, she thinks she’s a best selling novelist now. Hardly. It’s a book I’ve been dying to write for children. Much more fun!   This book features Freddie, the boys name I never got to use (twins were girls). Freddie gets himself in all sorts of minor scrapes, ones that young children regularly experience; cuts, grazes, bumps, falls etc. Freddie helps the young reader to understand what first aid they will receive.   Freddie is also a legendary child in the making, because he saves the day in an emergency with his mum. How? He knows how to ring 999, knows his address & knows what to do with Mum. Something that we reckon most early years children do not know.   The book accompanies our newest class in the Mini First Aid Family – Mini First Aid Early Years; our trainers are at nurseries and primary schools across the land telling children about Freddie.   Want to read the story at home with your child? Buy The Mini Adventures of Freddie Book now from www.minifirstaidshop.co.uk and teach your little one how to be a real Super Hero just like Freddie.   The Mini Adventures of Freddie is written by me (Kate Ball) & illustrated by the very talented Hayley Vine (who was working on final illustrations the day before her 3rd baby was born!)   Oh, and because it’s January which is sale time right? We’ll give you free delivery too. Go on; bag a new book for bedtime. www.minifirstaidshop.co.uk          Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.39.40