Twin Tips This week is officially Twins, Triplets & More Week. I can honestly say that apart from the families with twins who came to my classes (who I thought were amazing), I had never really thought much about twins. You know when you lie there having your scan and they say: “Just the one” and you think: “Well of course it’s just the one. What else could it possibly be?!” Then roll our lives on a few years and we are pregnant again and hopeful for a successful pregnancy this time. Early scan to allay our fears and we hear: “There are two heart beats.” “What– seriously? Oh, you are being serious.” There began our twin journey. I was huge. By 20 weeks, I looked full term and ready to pop. I would catch people staring at my tummy; whilst I wondered exactly how I was possibly going to keep upright. Our girls are now 9 months old. I can confirm they are non- identical; yes they are both girls; no I didn’t have IVF; and yes I have my hands full. I guess you get the gist of conversations I have with random strangers who stop me in the street. Oh and how do I do it? I don’t have a clue. I just do. TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Association) are asking this week for top tips from Mums of multiples. So here are mine:
  1. Seek out Mums with twins older than yours. They are your mentors; the ones who truly understand and the ones you can get second-hand double stuff from. Most importantly, these are the Mums who are smiling a few years or months on from me – exactly the daily motivation I need.
  2. If anyone offers to help, say yes. I was too proud when my other two children were teeny but this time round, I have said YES to EVERYTHING: Cleaning, babysitting, meals, Gin, (be rude not to) nights out (If I can keep my eyes open) and pram pushers (my girls have been out for walks with lots of lovely smiley friends faces).
Please don’t apologise for being tired though. I see new Mums all the time who are about to have a grumble and then look at me and say: “Well I can’t moan can I? It must be so much harder for you.” It is tough being a parent however many children you have. If you have just found out you are expecting twins or know someone who is, message me and I’ll share more of my experiences!