As with Mini First Aid's previous blog, if you are planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country this summer - take a note of these handy first aid & medical translations below. A close friend of mine recently had an accident in Ibiza, without a first aid kit, knowledge of the emergency number to call or translations made for a very scary few hours. So if you have a trip abroad planned, especially with small children, pack a first aid kit, take a note of these translations and remember the number to call is 112. Wishing you safe & happy holidays. Las urgencias = A&E department Es una urgencia = it’s an emergency Por favor, llame [yamay] al medico = Call a doctor please Por favour llame [yamay] a las urgencias = Call A & E please Mi bebe / mi niño(a) está enfermo(a) = My baby/child is ill Mi bebe / mi niño(a) [neenyo] tiene [te-en-ay] fiebre [fee-eb-ray] = My baby/My Child has a temperature Mi bebe / mi niño(a) está sangrando = My baby/My Child is bleeding Mi bebe / mi niño(a) no respira = My baby/My Child isn’t breathing Mi bebe / mi niño(a) no puede [pweday] respirar = My baby/My Child is having difficulty breathing Creo que [kay] mi bebe / mi niño(a) tiene [te-en-ay] la meningitis = I think my baby / my child has meningitis Mi bebe / mi niño(a) tuvo un ataque [atackay] = My baby / child has had a seizure/fit