We want you and your family to have a great Christmas this year. Above all, this means helping you keep your little ones safe. This week’s blog is from Selina Russell, who created the Fred Safety range, a host of innovative products aimed at making your home safer for children. Selina sits on the board of the Baby Products Association; the voice of the baby and nursery industry in the UK and we asked for her top tips to help keep your home safe over Christmas:  
  • Christmas Tree
    • Keep your tree stable so it won’t fall on young children
    • Keep decorations & lights out of reach (sorry – know this is a tough one!)
  • Presents
    • Make sure presents are age suitable and have CE mark or that they comply with 2011 toy regulations
    • Let older children know which new toys need to be kept away from the baby
    • Have a choke tester tool ready to teach older children what is/isn’t safe for younger siblings. If something small can be fitted or squashed into the tester, it is a choke hazard for children under 2.
  • Packaging
    • Keep your baby away from discarded packaging
    • Have scissors handy to open boxes where needed
    • Have a proper tidy up before you let baby roam around again
  • Kitchen
    • Nominate someone to keep an eye on your baby/toddler if you are busy cooking
    • Keep pans at the back of the hob with handles turned away and use a stove guard to protect children from burns and scalds
    • Keep children away from the oven before taking out the turkey etc.
    • Avoid moving around the kitchen with knives or pans with hot liquids
  • Tell visitors the house rules
    • Keep the stairgate shut and don’t climb over
    • Glasses and hot drinks must be kept away from the edge of tables
    • Keep medicines out of reach of children
    • Re-lock cupboards after use
  • You’re staying somewhere else?
    • Think through falling hazards as you arrive and keep appropriate doors closed
    • Take quick-to-fit, no damage removal Fred cupboard locks, door slam stoppers and corner protectors with you
Finally, delight in some beautiful candles, but please don’t leave them unattended; and enjoy blowing them out at the end of the day to seal in those happy memories.

choke tester tool