Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful time. With a 5 year old and a 3 year old, this year has been magical, OK, well nearly. 5-year-old finished school term (ooo it was a long term!) with a streaming cold and a hacking cough. Moving from cold air, to heating plays havoc with a cough. A couple of nights in a steamy room (drying the washing) sorted him out. Our 3 year old is being very 3, and whilst embracing the festivities in body, her facial expressions have retained a ‘not impressed’ look all season. xmas1 5 year old duly passes horrid cold to 3 year old (what a lovely gift) and 3 year old coughs her way to Christmas Eve. Hoorah it’s nearly Christmas, 3 year old has 1 major tantrum on the floor of the local pub. She then behaves angelically in the crib service at our local church. (I lie she was at the back playing with Barbie, but she was quiet!) xmas2 Christmas Day was a feast of good food, a few too many bubbles (Grandparents have made regular trips in darkness to the bottle bank) and masses of presents, with children ripping off paper and then demanding the next. Although I felt guilty for the present volume it has played dividends, entertainment whilst Mummy & Daddy have been hauled up in bed. Our Christmas gift was a 24hr stomach bug, Christmas Night was awful – couldn’t move, thank goodness for Grandparents who held the fort whilst we spent literally 24 hours in our new Christmas pajamas. What can you do with a sickness bug? Wash your hands thoroughly after being sick and after every visit to the loo, drink water to make sure you stay hydrated and rest. Make sure you avoid passing it on to anyone else. (Elderly, pregnant ladies and littlies are most vulnerable). So tomorrow the postponed family and friends arrive, elderly, pregnant and lots of littlies to reconvene Christmas festivities. I fear there will be more bottle bank trips for the Grandparents. Wishing you all a very restful (and hopefully sickness free break) and a fabulous NYE. Don’t forget the classes for January are all listed on the website for Leeds, Wakefield, Bristol and Devon so check them out, and if you have 5 minutes between festivities contact us to book a space. Kate x