As we come to the end of the summer, the wasps seem to be having their last attempt to ruin family picnics, pub lunches and ice lolly moments. You see parents madly flapping arms around picnics to deter the pesky wasps who are determined to join in. I often get asked at my baby & child first aid classes what you need to do if the wasp or the grumpy bee stings our baby or child. Unfortunately for my 2 year old Grace, she recently stood on a wasp with bare feet. Ouch! So I got to put my Mini First Aid class advice into practice. The sting was below her big toe. To remove a sting never use tweezers, this will squeeze the venom into the skin. Instead swipe a credit card across the skin to remove the sting. Use a cold pack (modelled by my patient) to relieve the pain. Any serious swelling? contact your medical practitioner. Buzz off wasps Grace does not like you! To learn more about Baby & Child first aid contact for the next available class.