Mini First Aid was absolutely delighted when its founder, Kate Ball won a Natwest Everywoman Aphrodite Award, an accolade to celebrate successful female entrepreneurs and business leaders. The Daily Mail ran a fantastic national feature about Kate, in which she championed the importance of flexible working for both men and women. The article inspired others to come and join the Mini First Aid ‘family’, one of whom is Martin Lacey, a Dad who now runs Mini First Aid London North.

Sam Tobin attended one of Martin’s classes in London when her daughter Nell was just seven months old. Sam contacted Mini First Aid to tell us how she had used her first aid skills just a few days after her class, to stop Nell from choking. A true example of how spreading the word can literally save lives!


Sam’s story in her own words:

“We were enjoying a day out in the sunshine and I had stopped to give Nell some sliced banana. Unfortunately, she inhaled a small piece and began to choke. It may have only been for 10 seconds that she couldn’t breathe, but it was terrifying.

Luckily I had attended Martin’s Mini First Aid class a few days earlier, during which we learned about what to do if your child is choking. My training kicked in immediately.

I put Nell in the correct position and immediately started to perform back slaps. One forceful strike between her shoulder blades dislodged the banana and Nell was able to breathe again.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have taken Martin’s Mini First Aid class. The situation could have turned out so differently.

Mini First Aid give you training that you hope you will never have to use. Take it from me though – it is a thousand times better knowing what to do in a potentially life threatening situation.”



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