Meet Jacky, Mini First Aid’s PR Manager – Not only has Jacky got 2 gorgeous children, has been my buddy since our babies were teeny but we work together too. She’s the superstar lady behind the scenes at Mini First Aid, and I thought she should leap out and say ‘Hi’ in her words…… jacky “You should work in languages and communications” my favourite teacher told me. I didn’t take him seriously but how right he was. It wasn’t long after graduating (in languages) when I got involved in communications. During my first job as a charity events fundraiser, I shadowed their press officer and started writing press releases. I loved meeting and talking to people, doing the research and writing their stories. I still feel the same. Fast forward eight years and I was ready for change. Sounds corny, but I wanted to ‘make a difference’ and use my languages again, so resigned from my Communications Manager role and retrained to be a teacher. Teaching is demanding but I loved developing relationships with students more than anything (communications again!) Huge change came again when I had two children twelve months apart. It’s kind of magical having babies so close together but it was also beyond exhausting and I didn’t thrive on juggling them with teaching. Resigning felt right. Six months later, a friend asked me to write a few press releases for her. This became a regular PR slot and I registered self-employed without thinking. I was setting up a business. My skills and creativity were still there (phew!) so when Kate and I discussed me doing PR work for Mini First Aid, I was confident we could work together. There are many reasons I love working for Mini First Aid. At its heart, is a network of fantastic women building their own businesses and supporting each other. These women are all entrepreneurs; balancing family life with growing their own businesses. A bit like me I suppose. Maybe one of them could be you.