In our features about how Mini First Aid trainers are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have a different focus today from super Mum, Laura Richardson who has recently had her second baby, Zoe Grace.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Laura has had to make several changes to both her birth and maternity plans. Laura’s Mum is in the shielding category so was unable to look after Laura’s three year old daughter Hannah, when she went into labour. Laura made sure she had a few friends on speed dial instead!


Maternity leave has turned out to be completely different to how Laura imagined, with a three year old at home due to nursery and toddler groups being closed. Laura has tried to focus on the positive, saying “I feel grateful that Hannah will have plenty of time to spend bonding with the baby.”


Laura offers some wise words about how tough it is for parents-to-be and new parents at the moment:


“It is ok to be finding this time tough, because it IS tough. Just remember that even though you may not be able to physically have your support team around you right now, they are still there for you. Take a deep breath, tell people how you're feeling and be honest with yourself and others. The support is there, so reach out. You are not alone in this.”