As a mum of six I’m finding it impossible to keep my eye on everything. This also applies (excuse the pun) to suncream. I can’t always keep tabs on where I’m at with all of them. So when I found out about the Solar Buddies applicators which mean my older children can apply their sun lotion themselves; we literally became the talk of the school playground! Let me introduce you to Laura, one half of the fantastic company Solar Buddies


Hi Laura, tell us why you set up Solar Buddies in the first place.

We set up Solar Buddies after having a conversation about sunscreen and policies when it came to children protecting themselves while in school. Most schools and holiday clubs have ‘no touch’ policies in place, making it impossible for teachers and teaching staff to assist children when applying sunscreen. At the time we thought surely there has to be an easier way but after doing our research, we found there was nothing available. The next obvious question was why not have a go at designing something ourselves - so we did!


Tell us more about how the Solar Buddies applicator works? Can you put in any sun cream?

The Solar Buddies have been specially designed for children to use whilst in school; however after their launch in 2015 they have proven popular with adults too! We wanted to make them as user friendly as possible so they allow you to use a sunscreen of your choice. They are reusable and small enough to pop in your bag for a day at the beach and are even suitable for hand luggage. What’s not to love!


What are your tips for keeping children protected from the sun?

Protecting your children and yourself from the sun is a simple task. There is no need to be frightened of the sun. It keeps us healthy; but not being vigilant can lead to sunburn which isn’t so pleasant! My top tips:

  • Keep on top of applying sunscreen: Every two hours or if you have been in water, reapply as soon as you are back in the sun. Don’t forget the vulnerable parts, back of the neck, ears and shoulders. These tend to burn quicker.
  • Stay hydrated: when it’s hot you sweat more so replace that sweat with plenty of fluids.
  • Cover up: T-shirts and hats are a must. Protect your shoulders and head as this can help stop sunburn of the neck, shoulders and top of the ears. People sometimes forget our eyes are also vulnerable so a cool pair of shades is a must!
  • Take time out: Try to seek shade every now and then just to give yourself and your skin time to cool down.


When is the sun at its strongest?

etween the hours of 11am and 3pm. A handy trick to tell when it is hottest; is to stand in the sun and study your shadow. If your shadow is smaller than you, the sun is at its highest point which means it the hottest part of the day.


Why is sunscreen so important?

Sunscreen is important to protect delicate skin from sunburn. Sunburn as a child can in some cases result in issues later in life. Sunscreen can help avoid this.


What should parents look for when buying sun cream?

Sunscreen of any kind is better than none at all. Some people prefer to use homemade and some have their favourite brand. Our advice is to use a sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection and to always follow the advice of the manufacturer. Thank you so much Laura. I know parents will find this really useful. 




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