My post twin body = baggy jumpers & jeggings. You get the drift. That is how my work wardrobe has looked for the last 12 months. Then cue a call from a national newspaper: We want you to take part in a photoshoot profiling women who have started businesses whilst having young children. The Daily Mail sponsors the Natwest Everywoman ‘Aphrodite’ award, dedicated to women who have founded their businesses whilst raising a young child(ren) under the age of 12. Mini First Aid (and me) has made it through a gruelling assessment process and tough judging day to make the finals! The judging day was an incredible experience in itself as I was interviewed by a panel of brilliant business women including Cath Kidston and Chrissie Rucker (of The White Company). Anyway, back to the photoshoot in London. I’ve already had my media interview so this is the fun bit. “Bring an item from your wardrobe that gives us an idea of your style” I was told. What??? Style? Not a word that fits a description of my wardrobe. My little girl helpfully suggests I take her Barbie dress. Just imagine if I had the figure (and I was 6 inches tall). I arrive at the Daily Mail to sit in this incredible waiting area; a hive of media activity and look down to discover of a trail of bogey right across the middle of my jumper. It is a day with no littlies, so I don’t even have a wipe. Well I was asked for an indication of my style and here it is! I am whisked into a photography studio where 2 wonder women are poised ready to transform me – literally; makeup, hair, gloss, brushes. The stuff of dreams. Fashion (yes fashion) provide clothes for me to try on and cajole me into amazing outfits I wouldn’t dream of wearing right now. I then spend 2 hours posing, walking, smiling, laughing, sitting, pouting (joke) for the camera until it’s a wrap (their words). I will join the other finalists in an article hitting the press next week. The hair and makeup artists asked I was off out on the town with my new glamorous look? Nope, train home to put the children to bed. (who of course didn’t even notice my fancy hair-do). To find out more about the Natwest everywoman awards finalists, go to