Kate - Tired but smiling I would have written this blog a few days ago but frankly I've been too tired. The clocks moved recently, which in our house meant so did bedtime.... in a vague attempt to make it look dark we have every curtain in the house shut by 6pm. But if you are a bright 4 your old, "look Mummy if I pull the curtain it is still morning outside!" joy. Our precious evenings are slipping away. Partner that with incredibly early mornings. We are a sleep loving household, surely these children should have it programmed in their genetics to sleep beyond 5:30am right? For all of you crying out there get black out blinds... we have black out blinds and black out curtains, a grow clock that is still very firmly 'asleep' and we are still up early. So what happens when they wake? The new olympic sport of jump on Mummy, and then when round one is complete, starts a circuit of up and over our bed booting me in the face on the way. Daddy remains mostly unscathed, but his tummy provides an extra dimension to the assault course. I lie there willing this new sport to stop, and if I keep my eyes firmly shut, surely they will take themselves back to bed... or the more likely alternative, "this is going to end in tears", which it surely does. A bump on the forehead (over confident jump over the last Mummy hurdle) and splat onto the floor. That's it, I'm up, in a fuzzy haze looking for a cold compress (ours live in the fridge) and try and persuade a grumpy child to keep the cold compress on the bruise for 10 minutes, sitting nice and still - just like I teach in Mini First Aid classes. Later Preschool eye up the bruise, to which I have to complete an entry into the 'I'm a bad parent accident book' and the lovely pre-school staff take over the baton of watching for any signs of concussion. Jokes aside, bumps on the head, whilst a regular feature in most little ones lives do need to be taken seriously. Cold compress for 10 minutes, rest and watching for signs of concussion are crucial. If your little one is sick, drowsy or wants to sleep after a bump on the head, proceed to A&E without delay. Want to learn more about Baby & Child first aid? Come to one of our classes. And for £20 you get the peace of mind you deserve. www.minifirstaid.co.uk