Kate - Mini First Aid Leeds Everytime I run a Mini First Aid class I tell everyone, next time your read my blog... it'll be about one of my children.... Sat in the new kitchen of Mini First Aid HQ, dust everywhere! The children are washed but still look dirty, and there is dust on my keyboard as I type.... yes, we are mid rewire, every ceiling is hanging down, and every floor is lifted! Joy! The children think that living with Bob the Builder is the best thing ever, I'm not so sure!  Thanks to a lovely friends 5th Birthday party on Saturday, the take-home was High-Vis vests.... perfect. The builders are secretly impressed! Cue Grace, she loves to play with her big brother. Shadow is the most appropriate word, only when she doesn't do exactly as instructed, older bro seems to think the only option is to give her a shove. Sound familiar? I'm told all siblings do it ra ra ra... but she's like a virtual punch bag, and you can only spend so much time sitting on the 'step' right?!? remind me never Yesterday the 'shove' went to optimum levels, newly unpacked headquarters had left a vase on the fire place (bad bad bad bad parents). Grace got a shove and landed on the vase, which smashed and ended up cutting her thigh really nastily.  Applying pressure with the cleanest absorbent thing we had to hand (sorry Mum another one of your tea towel gifts) and we are off to A&E. Grace was very brave, I didn't let her see the cut so as not to upset her (it was pretty yuk) and with applied pressure the bleeding stopped.  A&E was typically busy so we had a 3 hour visit end to end. Grace was X-rayed for shards of glass (of which there were none) and then super glued together. She'll have a bruise, but with her age and the skin now back together, we hoping for a very small scar if at all.  She got a sticker for her bravery. I got a glass of wine when I got home! So, even First Aiders children have accidents - I'm very glad I knew what to do. Grace is fine today, a gorgeous dressing, and no baths for a week (hey ho, the house is filthy anyway!) Keep safe folks xx