Kate - with my feet in a bucket of cold water. So someone has decided to turn the temperature right up, and boy it’s hot. Top that with Mini First Aid moving Head Quarters (I've moved house) and I am done in! The new Head Quarters (when finished) will be great, in the meantime we navigate around electricians, plumbers and cardboard boxes. The garden is our sanctuary. Cue our new feature.... a pond, yep that's right we've inherited not just any old hole in the ground but a water feature, rockery heaven. Beautiful for the previous owner, nightmare for a parent of 2 young children. Add to that the added paddling pool feature adorning ours and many other hot parent's gardens this week and we need to think just for a minute. Last week was drowning prevention week. Mini First Aid partnered with Flutterbabies to share drowning prevention awareness with over 200 families in Leeds. phew its hot out there The Flutterbabies swimming lessons featured Mum's swimming in their PJs and babies experiencing a swim in a sleep suit and then the opportunity to learn baby & child CPR at a Mini First Aid class. I thought I'd share the top tips for drowning prevention that we shared with the families last week. So, slap on the sunscreen, stay safe around water and enjoy the sunshine. Kate