At Mini First Aid, our trainers inspire us every day. We get to hear the stories about how many of them have responded both personally and professionally to the pandemic. Andrea’s story is one of them and we want to share it with you.


Superstar trainer Andrea Kyriakou has been working 12 hour shifts at her local COVID-19 test centre since April this year. Not only this, but Andrea has been working alongside her 18 year old son, Jak. Jak decided to work in the test centre after his A levels had been disrupted. Looks like he is taking after his Mum!


Andrea’s role at the centre includes registering attendees, advising people how to take the test and directing them through the process.  Andrea tells us in her own words about the experience of working in a COVID-19 test centre:


“At the start of lockdown I initially registered to be an NHS responder to use my first aid knowledge and skills.  When I heard about the need for people to help in the COVID-19 test centres, I applied to work at my nearest centre and have been there since April working 12 hour shifts.


It is very different to my usual work teaching first aid but it has really helped during all the uncertainty to keep a structure to my life along with doing something worthwhile. My son should be in the middle of his A levels, so doing this has been a fantastic distraction and amazing experience.  I'm really proud of him for putting in the effort and working so hard.  


The work has been a great insight and has really brought home the enormity of the situation we have all been thrown into. I really can’t wait to get back to teaching first aid.  I love what I do and I'm immensely proud to be part of the Mini First Aid team.