New Year – New You?

By the end of this blog, you’ll either want to make a bucket list for 2017 or poke my eyes out! You see, I love setting myself goals. Mr B and I often do this on holiday, glass of vino in hand with a few moments to kick back and think. This is also why I love September as well as early January. Another opportunity to reinvent myself. I’m not saying I achieve all my goals but somewhere along the line, things get done.I also love making lists (yes I know I’m irritating). Over the years, resolutions have turned into a kind of bucket list of things I’d like to learn / achieve / experience. So - the two courses on my list so far are bike maintenance (I’ve entered 2 triathlons and can barely ride a bike, never mind fix a puncture) AND a refresher Mini First Aid course.Oh yeah - you would write that, I hear you say. Except for the fact it’s true. I did my first Mini First Aid course nearly 3 years ago. My little ones were babies and I feel like my knowledge of CPR and choking in particular is a little rusty which means I wouldn’t be as quick to react in an emergency situation. So call me smug, but I’ve already enrolled onto a Mini First Aid class near me in February and one of my friends is hopefully coming along too so we can both tick an item off our bucket list. Now to the bike maintenance!