It is Valentine’s Day and we want to tell you about Laura Albon; an inspiring woman who set up ‘My One Heart’ following her father’s tragic death due to a cardiac arrest. 

Not only do we love Laura’s gorgeous heart print t-shirts and sweatshirts (you may even have seen them on This Morning last week); but we’re right behind her campaign to increase the number of 24 hour defibrillators available in public places around the UK. A defibrillator is the apparatus used to control heart fibrillation by applying an electric current to the chest wall or heart (think of all the well-known hospital dramas). 

Laura tells us her story in her own words:

In December 2012, I was Christmas shopping with my parents in Norwich when my 56 year old Dad suddenly collapsed. He was having a cardiac arrest and within an hour he was gone. Our whole world changed within seconds.

Soon afterwards, I learned that there had been no defibrillator available to the public nearby. The one which was used on my Dad came from the local police station, which took precious time to reach him.

I also found out a shocking fact: If someone has a cardiac arrest and receives CPR their survival rate is 9%. If they receive treatment from a defibrillator and shockable rhythm, their chance increases to 60%. Had there been an easily accessible 24-hour defibrillator in Norwich city centre my Dad may still be here.

In December 2014 we raised enough funds from my Dad’s funeral and from family donations; to place a 24hr public defibrillator at the rear entrance of Debenhams where my Dad collapsed. 

I set up My One Heart because after losing my Dad so tragically, I want everyone to be aware of the importance of having easily accessible defibrillators in public places. From the sale of any of my t-shirts or sweatshirts, £5.00 goes towards the work of the charity: Heart 2 Heart Norfolk who raise money to have defibrillators in schools, clubs and public venues. 

Click here to see the range of t-shirts and sweatshirts available or to find out more about My One Heart.