My 4 year old little boy is so excited about Christmas, his younger sister at 2, is getting carried along with excitement (that and chocolate coin over load). When I asked them what they wished for for Christmas, they reeled off an extensive list. We have sent the letters to Father Christmas and they hope that some of that list will be delivered on Christmas Eve (that is if they behave themselves as 'he' is watching them all the time you know!). Christmas wish It got me to reflect on Mini First Aid's 2014 and what I wish for Mini First Aid. Every week when a class leaves I encourage those who have attended to keep reading the material, download the recommended apps and wish them all a 'safe' time with their babies and children. I wish with every class that they don't have to use any of the skills that I teach - but accidents do happen, here are 3 stories shared with me recently from Mum's who have all been to a Mini First Aid class this year. "Last week unfortunately we had to use some of what we learnt on your course. Our 3 month old was choking, we panicked but thankfully because of your course knew exactly what to do… this course is invaluable. I will be back every year to refresh my memory. Thank you so so much" "A big thank you to Mini First Aid. My 4 year old just burnt her fingers on a light bulb and thanks to Kate I knew to hold it under the cold tap for 10 mins, wrap it in cling film and go to A&E. I got lots of praise from the nurses for doing exactly the right thing!" "So I had my first first aid experience today when a boy chopped a bit of finger in a door. I remembered what you said about staying calm, wrapped a leg of spare trousers round it whilst we got the first kit and bandage. It was your course that helped me stay calm and in control." 3 Mums who have remembered what to do. That is my Christmas wish, if it happens, that you remember, and that Mini First Aid gives you the confidence that you need. Classes are back up and running in the new year. Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe Christmas. Kate x