Kate Ball, Mother and Peace Negotiator Happy Mother's Day to you all. To all the Dads walking round my local area this morning (with grumpy children dragged from their position in front of the TV to be out the house to give mums a break) you are wonderful. To the soft play that provided every Mum a bunch of Daffodils when we arrived for a birthday party today and to my lovely children... with Daddy away you were reminded by digital Daddy (as he is now known) via Facetime that you needed to be good. Thank you. mothers day reflection Being a Mum is the best job in the world, but absolutely exhausting! We spend our lives dragged from one emotion to the next, fiercely protecting our children from the world around them and after watching Comic Relief on Friday realising that a melt down over yoghurt on the floor is really rather shameful. At Mini First Aid I have met and trained over 300 Mums in the last year (plenty of Dad's too), all seeking the reassurance that they can protect their children, by knowing what to do if there was medical emergency. Another tick on the CV of being a mum. Well done Mummies, you are doing a grand job. Now put your feet up, and don't lift a finger. xx If you haven't done a Baby & Child first aid class yet with Mini First Aid, they cost just £20 per person, pennies to know how to save your child’s life. Book now via www.minifirstaid.co.uk