This summer has seen a surge of enquiries and bookings for Mini First Aid classes at home. I've travelled all over Leeds meeting with Mums, Dads and Family groups to share the 2 hour Baby and Child First Aid class. Some of the groups I've been out to have been NCT groups - and it's been lovely to meet Mum's & Dad's in newly formed groups of friends all with babies close in age. My own group of friends that I met through NCT still meet together weekly, 4 years on from when we first met. Supporting each other as we tackle the next challenge thrown at us by the little people in our lives! You often meet NCT groups joining baby activities together. Just make sure that one of those you consider is Mini First Aid. If you have a group of friends, whether it be an NCT, Antenatal, or family group - and you are all keen to make sure you know baby and child first aid contact and enquire about a class coming to you. Babies who are pre-crawling are absolutely fine to be present at the class, in fact this summer, I've met lots of beautiful babies. For groups of 6 or more the class will cost just £20 per person in Leeds. I can travel further afield, which we can discuss when you enquire. Kate x