So my lovely husband is away on Tour, and will be for the next few weeks. I announced on day 1 morning 1 at pre-school that the team effort in the morning was over rated and "I could do this" Since then it's gone steadily downhill. I've crashed the car (into a bollard that jumped out of nowhere), forgotten my little boys' packed lunch for pre-school, completely lost a set of house keys and tonight my children have begrudgingly gone to bed bribed with the promise of treats tomorrow if they go to sleep in swimming nappies. (They're the same as pull ups right??!!) So seriously, a parent spends a lot of time on their own with their children, without other adults around and when it comes to an emergency, would you know what to do? For starters, make sure that you always have a phone and a first aid kit in easy reach. Make sure you know which of your neighbours you could call on, and if you had to go to hospital who could take care of other children? Its also why we should never rely on others to be the ones that know the first aid. I meet so many couples where only one has done a baby and child first aid class, which is fine if you spend 100% of your time hanging out together. Most of us do not!! Look around the adults in your home today - are they all trained in baby and child first aid? If not, change that now. Oh and if anyone is passing, I need Size 6 nappies, and some more Sauvignon. xx  Baby & Child First Aid Classes booking now for March & April.