mini-first-aid-early-years-logo-06 Early Years – the first start in our education system. Beginning in pre-school and continued in reception at Primary School.   Our little ones, from 3, start the building blocks for their own learning. Suddenly play activities have purpose, are monitored and development is tracked. Agree or disagree with the measurement and recording of development, one thing we do get is an amazing array of activities to stimulate and challenge our children – frankly the ones that we are very glad we don’t have to do at home (its play doh modelling & painting activities that I love early years for taking care of #notinmykitchen)   The curriculum crafted by Westminster includes elements for social development, including building an awareness of the world around them and basic science ‘what happens if I do this’ encouraging the curious mind. With that in mind and my life plonked right in Early Years at the moment, I kept thinking about how First Aid can be taught as part of the early years curriculum.   You will no doubt have seen some of the many amazing videos touring social media of babies carrying out CPR, toddlers administering the recovery position – all amazing stuff, but I wanted to step back a stage or too and help little ones to firstly understand what is happening to their bodies if they are hurt, where does blood come from for example, why do you get a lump if you bang your head. Reducing the fear, then help little ones to understand how a grown up would treat them, so not distressed when a pre-school teacher insists on a cold pack and sitting out of an activity for 10 minutes for example.   Add to that some sensible responses to emergencies for little ones – knowing where they live so they can relay their address & knowing the ‘special’ number to call if someone is hurt and the result is our newest class – Mini First Aid Early Years, class 1 is out now, with more topics to be included at subsequent classes. Our class teachers at Mini First Aid are fun, friendly and the early years children love the activities in the class, and leave able to show their parents a thing or two.   The Early Years classes from Mini First Aid come with their own character Freddie, the children will hear all about Freddie and his adventures. Look out for the Mini First Aid Early Years logo in your area – and if your child is in early years education put their teacher in touch with us to enquire about a class.   I’m off to let my 4 year old help me practise my phonics… screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-14-19-32