Is that back to school on the horizon? Monday, Monday, Monday how I long for you Monday (never thought I’d be saying that!) We have done it! Completed 2 whole weeks of Easter Holidays, when most of the UK are safely back in School, the West Yorkshire folk choose to be different. And hasn’t the weather been glorious? Not. For a few days Mini First HQ took a break and we headed south to Centre Parcs. After a successful launch of Mini First Aid Dorset we checked ourselves in for a weekend of activity. Daddy was self-nominated itinerary planner. Precision planned we were marched onto site on day 1, Daddy walking 10 paces ahead negotiating us through a packed schedule of activities, meals and of course navigating the map of this colossal park where it is actually possible to be staying a 30 minute walk from the pool. Seriously the place is massive! Curry night, first night, epic fail as 3 year old says yuk to everything put in front of her and 5 year old thinks that tunneling under tables is far superior an activity than sitting ON YOUR BOTTOM PLEASE! isitmonday First full day and we up with the birds, the squirrels and tame ducks that pop by for their breakfast (brioche, croissants, and whole grain bread. No stale crusts for these feathered friends). Children dispatched to Chocolate workshop, parent drop off, bliss, Mummy & Daddy drink Hot Starbucks and then squeeze in a cheeky spa. All good so far. Parks, scooting and some serious swimming, I got caught in the current of the rapids, and I think I must have bobbed round about 20 times. This place was awesome. Children discovered a flair for flumes and the wave machine and we managed whole 3 hours in the pool! Evening food, a restaurant that contains a soft play was a winner. All passed out before 9pm. Daddy’s itinerary kicked back in on Sunday morning, in the FREEZING cold April sunshine/drizzle the children navigated a ropes course and then filled their faces with pancakes to warm up afterwards. Crossbows rounded up the afternoon, a 3 year old trying to fire a cross bow was not Daddy’s finest hour. isitmonday2 More eating washed down with soft play and this family was done; log burner, marshmallows and the 9pm rock and roll bedtime for all. So what do Yorkshire folk do on the last day of a holiday? We check out and then spend as long as possible on the site, getting our very last pennies of value out of the weekend. Home 11pm at night, freezer fused and a river of melted yuk is trickling out of the freezer and we are home. Joy. 4 more days of wet play ideas and we are done. Whitsun you can stay over there for now, we need a break. And we still have a few Easter Eggs left… naturally the Children think they have all gone. Good parenting right?! April see’s the launch of Dorset, Leicester, Harborough, Kettering & Rugby Mini First Aid Franchises. Exciting times : )