The winter nights will soon be drawing in and the weather getting colder. The wind, low humidity and cold temperatures are all factors that lead to dry skin and can further irritate sensitive skin and eczema. This week our friends over at Child’s Farm are sharing their views on how help minimise irritation this winter:


Watch the temperature change

The winter months can be a particularly testing time for those that suffer from sensitive skin and eczema, the constant change in temperature from the central heating indoors to the bitter winter air can make the skin feel dry and itchy.

You can help reduce flare ups from temperature changes by wrapping up well when you’re going out and wearing gloves, scarves and hats.  It is also sensible to avoid hot showers during the cold winter months so the skin doesn’t need to take time to cool down.


Moisturise often

Moisturising should be a vital part of everyones skincare, whether you have sensitive skin or not. In the winter it’s even more important to protect the skin from the cold, dry winter air and our Child’s Farm Moisturiser is approved for sensitive skin and people who may be prone to eczema.


Get some vitamin D

While the sun comes out less often in the autumn and winter it’s still important to get some vitamin D to help the skin repair itself. Vitamin D supplements can also help aid symptoms of dry, itchy skin. For those who are planning a winter get away don’t forget to apply suncream.

We have created a handy fact sheet with tips and tricks on how to keep you and your little one’s skin hydrated and smooth.


Competition Time!


We've teamed up with our lovely friend's at Child's Farm for this weeks competition, just in time for the weather getting that bit cooler.  Protect your child from the worst the weather can offer with this Child's Farm bundle worth £17 - a bubble bath, hand wash and 2 moisturisers, all of which are paediatrician and dermatologist approved for sensitive skin. Please note this competition is available for entrants from Wednesday 18th September 2019.


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