So today’s Birthday wish goes to a very special Angel. Janet, my unofficial business mentor. When I had the idea to run baby first aid classes, I ran the idea past my fountain of all knowledge, advisor and chief family baker Auntie Janet. “It’s a great idea Kate, I’ll tell everyone I know” Many hot cuppa's and home made niceties were consumed over the months as I started to grow my business idea and then launch Mini First Aid. Janet was always one of the first to share my Facebook posts and tell all her pals that it was her niece that was behind the new business. happybirthday2 That was Janet, officially, my husband’s Auntie, but claimed as mine too. With my family a bit further afield, Janet was my first call, on the scene, save the day, manage my children, crisis solver. She was the expert in all things baby, she cooked like a pro and provided lashings of hugs and chocolate brownies. My children adored her and loved her dearly. Then up crept the big C – breast cancer, which over a period of a few years spread and took hold of Janet’s body and despite Janet’s brave fight, and hours of treatment, took Janet to be an Angel in July this year at mere 50 years old. happybirthday So Janet, can I just say, you were beautiful inside and out! Everyone who knew you and loved you misses you badly, we should be buying you presents today and that’s not fair. So if you would like to ‘buy’ a present in memory of a super woman and help combat this cruel disease please follow this link to Pink Events, a Leeds based charity who raise money for both Breast Cancer Research and the Breast Cancer Unit in Leeds. She’d be ever so proud, she’s raising a small fortune!