Kate Ball - On a 'mini' break. It’s the Easter Holidays, which means all those wonderful clubs and classes for children have a holiday too! Enter my 2 children, Daddy has de-camped back abroad to work (2 weeks at home was quite enough for him!) and Mummy is busy with Baby and Child first aid classes. The 'nee naw, nee naw' heard coming from the horizon is the Grandparents, zooming in to the rescue. Dragged from their busy schedule to entertain 2 children for a few days. I then get the best news, Grandparents will take the children away for a few days! Hoorah! The Easter Bunny has come early for me, never mind eggs this is the best Easter present in the world. They left yesterday, with enough clothes for a month (wishful thinking) and on a promise to behave. At this point I should apologise to anyone who visited Tibshelf Services (M1 South) at about 5pm yesterday. People watched aghast as the poor Grandparents had to deal with my youngest having a tantrum by the electric doors..... wait for it.... for 40 minutes! Open Shut, Open Shut, went the doors whilst people gave my lovely Mum sympathetic looks, secretly thinking that no child or grandchild of theirs would behave like that! Grandpa to the rescue (nee naw, nee naw) here comes an ice cream, and said tantrum is over! The children are have been to the zoo, eaten plentiful amounts of cake, and are having food cooked on request. They are having a ball! Grandparents regularly rescue parents from the pressures of daily life, whether it’s occasional visits, park trips, holidays (yee ha) or babysitting. Increasingly Grandparents form part of many families child care arrangements. So when you think about Baby & Child first aid for yourselves, consider booking the Grandparents in too. You know it makes sense. In the meantime, I'm off to watch Gossip Girl (and not Fireman Sam), drink a large glass of wine and enjoy my last evening of no children : ) If you want to book a Baby & Child first aid class, it costs just £20. Grandparents are very welcome! www.minifirstaid.co.uk