You will have seen Mini First Aid at the Mothercare Facebook Live event on Friday to mark World First Aid Day. We were delighted to work with Mothercare in giving parents the opportunity to put their questions to our panel.   Secretly (obviously now rather public) we were all a little nervous. Arriving at Mothercare HQ you get treated to the most amazing displays of next seasons baby & children’s clothes – so as Mums of little ones we couldn’t help but be distracted!   OK, back to the First Aid. We spent a fantastic hour taking questions live via Facebook. Seriously this was a whole new phenomenon, but we absolutely loved the accessibility for parents who had a concern or question which we could answer for them.   “What should I do if my child swallows a coin?” “What should I have in a First Aid Kit?” “Should I learn First Aid ready for baby’s arrival?” “Who in my family should learn first aid?”   Watch the video (click here) to hear our advice.   The time quickly over, and the questions have continued to come in over the weekend. Chloe, Helen and I felt just a little bit like the Loose Women and found ourselves wishing we could sit on the Mothercare Sofa all day chatting first aid! Once we got chatting, we were really firing on our passion for what we teach; how strongly we all feel about how what we do; and how we can genuinely make a difference and even save little lives.   We’ll be back in Mothercare stores across the UK in October for the next round of Expectant Parents Events, and soon you can read more of our special First Aid blog features on the Mothercare website.   Teaching First Aid with all the social tech that surrounds us becomes more exciting every day : )   Please 'like' our Facebook page to be kept up to date on all classes and paediatric first aid advice.  The link is: