Has learning first aid been on your ‘to do’ list forever? Keen to learn a new life skill which can save a life? First time Mum, Elaine Bottazzi saved her baby Alex’s life at just three months old when he stopped breathing following a feed. Elaine knew what to do, having recently attended one of Ruth’s Mini First Aid Cambridge classes. A year on, we hear from Elaine who gives us a parent’s perspective on why everyone should do a Mini First Aid class.   It’s great to see that Alex is a bouncing and happy one year old! Yes – he is on the go all the time! I can’t believe it’s a year since what happened although it still feels like yesterday in many ways.   It must have been so scary. Tell us what actually happened: Alex was sitting back quite happily and then all of a sudden he just stopped breathing. His eyes started getting wider, I couldn’t hear him breathing and I realised what was happening.   What did you do? Luckily, I had literally just attended one of Ruth’s Mini First Aid Cambridge classes. I immediately picked Alex up, leaned him forward and smacked his back firmly. Thankfully, I was rewarded with a stream of milk and a crying baby boy. I have never been so relieved and so grateful I had done the Mini First Aid course.   In your view, what did the Mini First Aid class give you? Without a doubt, Ruth’s class gave me confidence in the moment I needed it most. I was able to stay calm and knew what the next step was if that didn’t work. Being first time parents, neither my husband nor I had any previous first aid experience. I have honestly never been so relieved I had done a Mini First Aid course.”   What advice would you give to parents Elaine? Don’t wait. Book on a course TODAY as it is so quick to find a Mini First Aid class near you online or to get in touch about booking a class with friends. I even took Alex along with me as he was only a few months old which made such a difference as I wouldn’t have wanted to leave him at that stage. As a parent of a little one, I know how easy it is to put things off as you’re so busy and often tired. The thing is; you just never know when you might end up saving your child’s life.   A year on, can you remember what you learned in Ruth’s class? It’s funny you should mention that. After what happened with Alex, my husband and I put a reminder in our diary to do a refresher course every year; so we’re due for another class and have just booked in with Ruth! I know I can read the Mini First Aid booklet from my previous class; but there really is no substitute for the real thing. I want to make sure my husband and I still feel confident in knowing what to do and acting quickly should another emergency situation arise.   Please share this story with your friends and family. What are you waiting for? Click Here to find a class near.     COMPETITION:  WIN a place on a 2-hour Mini First Aid class.  We are offering a FREE place worth £20 on one of our award winning first aid classes to help you #LearnMiniFirstAid and get 2018 off to a great start. Visit our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page for details. Click here for Full terms and conditions