This week we hear from Kate, Mini First Aid's Founder:

Twins and multiples are amazing. Thinking about what to write for World Twin Day and Twins, Triplets and More Week; the stand out for me is the ability of the female body to grow 2 (or more) babies at the same time.  I am in the minority group that has grown 2 sets of twins, bringing my total number of offspring to 6 in 4 pregnancies.

My body impresses me.  Don’t get me wrong, what feels like a continual state of pregnancy for the last 8 or so years has left me stretched, with rolls, and various aches and pains. But, looking at my HUGE bump the week before my last birth it seemed alien like. My tummy was so stretched, you could see limbs moving and wriggling around. 2 tightly curled up babies getting ready. A miracle.

I am often asked: “Are the twins IVF?”

Both sets of twins were spontaneous, which means I did not have to have conception intervention, the scenario often linked to the number of twins being born.  Having had friends and family endure what can be the gruelling process of IVF; I know how lucky I am to have experienced 4 spontaneous pregnancies.

When our family grew from 2 to 4 children with the addition of the first set of twins, a common statement I heard was “I don’t know how you do it”.

Upon reflection and having chatted to other twin mums; I can’t help but agree that you just ‘do it’. Every twin parent will tell you different tricks, hacks, cheats or survival tips. Ultimately, you have no choice but to get on with it and we all give each other a nod or knowing smile when passing with a twin buggy.

So my tips for twins that have worked for me (I need to read these again given that the newest set has just arrived):

·       Do everything together with both twins. It saves time and promotes some sort of routine.

·       Take every gift of help going, whether it is time, food, cleaning or cooking. Swallow your pride and say yes please.

·       Look after that super body that has just grown two babies.  Iron rich and healthy food, loads of water and don’t feel guilty about the odd slice of cake. Returning to the pre-baby body is literally an industry powered by social media – something you can do without until you feel (if ever) ready.

·       Double trouble = double impact on you. Make sure you look after your mental health. Postnatal Depression (PND) is extremely common, much more than Mums ever confess. The impact of double hormones can make you very fragile (believe me I know).  Happy healthy mum makes for much happier babies.

To all those twin and multiple Mamas out there: You go girl!




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