This week I’ve resigned, as a Mum to my 3-year-old little girl. (I stay in post for the 5-year-old boy for now). I had no idea how different a girl travelling through her 3’s was to a boy. It is AWFUL. Clothes are not meant for wearing, they are meant for throwing anywhere that will rile Mummy, shoes are not for wearing but for hiding, tables are for writing on (who needs paper right?) And the worst bit is she doesn’t care. Normally the promise of a reward in our house wins the day, but nope, even the potential of a ‘Golden Star’ from her pre-school was not enough to cajole good behaviour, just a shrug and a No was the response. dadstheword If this is what we are like when we are 3, what an earth are we going to be like as a teenager! HELP. Ok, so I haven’t really resigned, just stomped about a bit stating I can’t do this and why has our angelic toddler turned into a stroppy monster, it must be my fault. And I’ve scored a result, Daddy roles up his sleeves and says leave her with me, Calmer, firmer and to be obeyed. Sometimes as Mum’s that is what we need, a break to diffuse the situation, mine was a quick stroll to the shop (the glamour). Modern Dad’s are generally very hands on, right from antenatal classes where Dad’s are awkwardly handed a baby doll and told to ‘change a nappy’ or practice winding., and unlike us girls probably the first time they have held a baby (real or not) With Dad’s embracing parenthood – Mini First Aid are setting Dad’s a challenge. Over 75% of the people who attend our classes are Mums. So come on Dad’s if you are looking after little ones, whether it’s Daddy day care, desperate Mummy break or family time at the weekend, knowing essential first aid is just as important. Some of the venues we train in even have a bar…. It can’t get better than that. So if you are Dad reading this, book in quick, and if you are a Mum and think it’s about time that Dad learnt those essential skills too then book them in. We also offer private classes for groups of Dads, so if the thought of turning up on their own to class is a big no, organise a Dads class and I promise we’ll have them delivering Emergency First Aid like professionals. I’m off to make peace with my 3 year old little girl, or at least wrestle her into some pjs - no we can’t go to bed dressed as Elsa, the plastic netting will probably give you a friction burn in your sleep!