We have had exactly five minutes of snow in Yorkshire and we our Children are exstatic. The snow man in the garden looks a bit sad, his nose has now fallen off and his hat dried out on the radiator to be worn to school. Poor Mr Snowman, and we weren’t even skilled enough to build you a snowdog. So it’s cold, freezing in fact, and due to the mild weather and serious rain we’ve all been experiencing the weather has caught us all out. Where are the gloves? Where are the hats? In our house the beloved gloves from last winter are no longer acceptable on strings, they need to be loose, like the big children and for my little girl, thinking pink would be a good choice, oh no! they have to be blue like Princess Elsa! We all pile out the house in the morning, sweating having tried to get dressed up in our super hot hall and wonder why we bother? Well if that is your morning battle take reassurance in this; Children can loose 10% of their body heat through their heads if uncovered, there circulation in their still developing little blood systems is not as good as ours which means the fingers and toes get cold much quicker than grown ups. Hypothermia in children is rare but very serious. Little ones bodies cannot manage sudden changes in temperature as well as us, and can often take longer to warm up. So if you had that fight in the hall this morning, this hat, not that hat, I’m not wearing those, keep at it…. Warm and cosy on these cold days is crucial for little ones. (Just don’t forget to de-layer when they get in doors!) I’m off for a warm cuppa. K x www.nhs.uk/conditions/hypothermia/Pages/Introduction.aspx