Choking is the number one concern for the majority of parents and carers who attend our online and virtual Baby & Child Mini First Aid classes. We teach you what to do should your baby or child choke. Having the right knowledge and acting quickly can literally save a child’s life.


Tina Rowe Crotty was certainly not expecting to use her knowledge just 9 days after attending her Mini First Aid Class. Tina had to act quickly when her four year old son Sebastien started to choke on a piece of broccoli. Tina describes what happened that day:


“I was preparing lunch whilst Sebastien and my baby daughter were in the kitchen with me. My daughter was on her play mat and started coughing. I looked over to make sure she was OK and whilst my back was turned for one moment, Sebastien decided to pop a raw broccoli floret in his mouth. He said later that he wanted to make me laugh!


I was only stood a few feet away from him, but I did not hear a thing. I turned around and could see Sebastien was unable to breathe. He was not even coughing. Without thinking about it, I leaned him over and administered 5 back blows. I then did an abdominal thrust and Sebastien thankfully started coughing. I was then able to pull the broccoli out of his mouth. We were both very tearful afterwards, but thankfully Sebastien recovered quite quickly.


I really believe that because I had done the Mini First Aid class I was able to stay calm. I seemed to go on auto pilot and knew exactly what to do. I cannot believe it happened so soon after attending the class. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I decided to book it!


After what happened, I sit down with Sebastien at least twice a week to read ‘Sit Chop Chew’, Mini First Aid’s book for children about safe eating. He is now the first to tell someone that they should sit down to eat! I have also signed him up for an Early Years Mini First Aid class. You are never too young to learn first aid!”



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