The last ½ term Mini First Aid have trained and certified over 50 Child Care practitioners in Paediatric First Aid. I think it’s a real gift to look after young children, I find dealing with 2 a challenge these folk are amazing. On many a morning, I wish my Pre-school offered overnight and weekend care, as they seem to be far more proficient at managing my 3 year old. But, wow, what a responsibility they have. As a parent you leave little ones from as young as 6 weeks in these capable hands. Having confidently researched and selected your child-care so that you know they will be care d for, stimulated, educated and loved for the crazy little individuals that they are. Childcarer2 The requirements for Child Care Settings in standard of care, food menus, provision of activities, educational development and management of special needs is beyond a challenge. And then if that wasn’t enough, from time to time an ‘inspector’ roles up to assess how they are doing to report back to local education, and crucially the interested parents and potential parents of the setting. Childcarer Knowing that their job has to reach so many criteria, is massive, for some Child Care Practitioners and Early Years Teachers making them stressed, working long hours at home and questioning their own work ability. But how do they respond to the children in these times of pressure? Naturally, with the same care, love and humility that they are so blooming good at. These people are awesome. Then cue the parents, we read reports, we scout round on open days, we canvas opinion and we contribute to the demands placed on Child Care practitioners. Clearly we are right to do so, but this is when it always baffles me about First Aid. Parents expect that Child Care settings will be proficient in First Aid, if anything happens to your child and you want to be confident that someone looking after them knows what to do. The Child Care settings that Mini First Aid have been working with recently have turned the mirror onto the parents – and challenged Parents & Grandparents from their settings on what they know about Baby & Child first aid. Childcarer3 And you can guess the response from most….. Not a lot. Come on Parents meet the challenge. 2 -hour First Aid classes and you can be in the know.