Kate - Mini First Aid This week I've been running 12 hour Paediatric First Aid for practitioners who work for the lovely Sunflowers Childcare who provide before and after school child care in Horsforth. For many of us, much that we would like to be at the school gates at 3pm, work prevents us from doing so and we rely on before and after child care to bridge the gap. Settings like Sunflowers - who are based at Tiny Toes in Horsforth provide entertainment, food and care for children from age 3-11. As parents we are demanding of our childcare providers, rightly so. We ask for qualifications, a varied programme of entertainment and stimulating activities, and an environment that our children will love. We also want to be assured that our children are safe. Health and safety to the letter and qualified first aiders on hand should that dreaded emergency arise. We naturally, put the same requirements on our Nurseries, Playgroups & Childminders too. So many of you will have heard of the work of Millie's Trust who actively campaign for child care settings to have 100% of the staff trained in Paediatric First Aid. Childcare providers Like Sunflowers another setting I work with - Primley Park Nurseries (pictured) are also committing to 100% of the staff trained in Paediatric First Aid. So now it is their turn to challenge parents. This month and next all the parents of Primley Park Nurseries will be encouraged to attend a Baby & Child First Aid class - and Mini First Aid are delighted to be supporting them. So, if you are the parent that naturally demands the assurance that your child is safe in child care - do the same and make sure they are safe at home, and you know what to do if that first aid emergency arose. Book a class now! Next week we focus on drowning prevention and start preparing ourselves for the summer holiday period Woo Hoo! Book classes via www.minifirstaid.co.uk Keep safe folks xx