Right now there is a right good knees-up going on in Cardiff. If you are there you’ll be reading this tomorrow with a pint of coffee. What is the knees-up in aid of? Well, just over 12 months ago a beautiful baby girl was born – Martha Graham. Martha was born in Cardiff – aha! That is why the knees-up is in Cardiff I hear you say. Martha was born at the University Hospital of Wales. Martha was born 5 weeks early with PJRT SVT, a condition that is basically an electrical short circuit in her heart, meaning her heart rate is double the amount that is should be. 18ce87_218fba4e73ea4579a7e70294cc66f1b7 Martha was cared for by the amazing Neonatal and the Children’s Heart Unit for Wales. Martha’s Mummy & Daddy decided to raise £10,000 by Martha’s 1st Birthday for the units to show their gratitude for the care they received during pregnancy and since Martha has been born. Martha continues on medication and still makes trips to hospital. Her lovely Mummy, Daddy and big brother Will named their fundraising campaign ‘Martha’s Dancing Heart’ and have smashed their £10,000 target and are on their way to the next! 18ce87_3488d87486d04589aedb234a4b24c8bc Martha’s Mummy & Daddy have arranged a variety of fundraising events over the last 12 months. Friends inspired by the campaign have raced, baked, run, sewn and contributed in a variety of ways, Mummy & Daddy - Michelle & Rick Graham are old friends of mine, in fact Rick taught me to pull pints in Wetherspoons, those were the days! So tonight’s knees up….. It’s a Black Tie and Fab Frocks event at Cardiff City Stadium to celebrate beautiful Martha’s 1st Birthday, and a year of incredible fundraising. Mini First Aid are delighted to be one of the sponsors for this event and hope that everyone attending has a right old good time. Happy Birthday Martha we hope the grown-ups have a super duper knees-up! If you would like to make a donation to Martha’s Dancing Heart Campaign please click here. Cardiff is my uni home, (too many unrepeatable memories!) I love it, lots of my family live there and I’m really keen to introduce Mini First Aid to Cardiff. If you know a Cardiff Mummy who is looking for a new venture please put them in touch by the usual address www.minifirstaid.co.uk or email info@minifirstaid.co.uk