As I sit here writing this blog I have our own 2 children and our friends gorgeous baby boy all sleeping upstairs. It got me thinking what a huge responsibility we take on when we look after other people’s children.   You may well have seen the media coverage and facebook campaign by Millie's Trust - campaigning for legislation to require all nursery nurses to be qualified in Paediatric First Aid. Baby Millie died when the nursery nurses at her nursery did not respond quickly enough to her choking. The nursery nurses had not been trained in paediatric first aid. The campaign has had a huge surge of support from parents, supporting a legislation that every person working in a nursery should be trained in Paediatric First Aid. We are, as parents demanding the absolute best safeguards in the care our children in childcare settings. So that led me to think about us at home... when you leave your baby or child during the day or evening with a baby sitter, whether a family friend, grandparent, relative or local sitter, are you confident that they would know what to do in a medical emergency with your child?   For starters make sure anyone looking after children in your home know where the first aid kit is kept and that they have access to a phone to ring 999. Think about next time you ask someone to babysit, or care for your children for a few hours whether they have basic life saving First Aid Skills, and if they don't, suggest that they (or you on their behalf) invest in Baby & Child First Aid training.   My classes last 2 hours and cost just £20, and cover Choking, CPR, Bumps, Breaks, Burns, Febrile Convulsions & Meningitis Awareness. I've training Babysitters, Aunties, Grandmas and even a Grandad. The only call you want to receive from a babysitter is to tell you that your little angel is happy (and possibly sleeping). Talk to your babysitter today.