I'm very excited that this weekend I get to attend a baby shower for one of my family. This first baby's arrival is so exciting for everyone.  It makes me so broody hearing about all the preparation for baby's arrival, the new nursery, and the lovely pregnant bump. My 2 babies are now crazy children and my fun filled babyshower weekend of games, laughter and advice thrown by my oldest school friends seems like an age ago. I remember receiving some wonderfully thoughtful gifts, with my friends as excited as I was. When you look online for gift ideas for Baby Showers you can be overwhelmed with the suggestions from great to really poor gift ideas! As a Mum there is also an unwritten rule that you never burst the bubble of first time pregnant mum with negative comments on sleep deprivation and the rest... keep it light and exciting as it should be. So how can you give a practical gift and not a useless gimmick that will go unused? The answer was presented to me this month, as I was asked if I could provide a voucher for a Mini First Aid class to a kind friend wanting to give the most practical gift she could think of. Just £20, and her friend will be equipped with baby life saving skills, a very sensible, yet in many ways an enormous, gesture. So loving the idea, the lovely future Mummy in my family gets a Mini First Aid class too (in fact she has signed up her whole NCT group to come too), In the meantime I am looking forward to an afternoon of gossip, fun and laughter whilst we toast the Mummy to be (and a few hours off from my 2 crazy children!). For more details on Mini First Aid class dates see www.minifirstaid.co.uk. Classes cost just £20 and cover choking, CPR, burns, breaks, bumps, febrile seizures and Meningitis awareness. Vouchers to be given as gifts can be requested through the website.