How many times have you said that phrase? Especially when you are out and about. Picture this: You are in the park with little person running in typically drunken (wobbly) style and you just know they are going to fall. Uh oh - man down, tears, grazes on both hands and they’ve lost the ‘special stick’ they were carrying. I know you’re nodding - you’ve been there or witnessed this picture of toddler joy.   This weekend to mark the end of the summer holidays, we joined 35 of our relatives in a sleepy village in Derbyshire for a family holiday. 15 of the guests were under 7. They had a wild time, but inevitably there were minor injuries along the way. One of the 5-year-olds soon realised I was the ‘go to’ adult for plasters. I would feel this little hand seek out mine saying   “We need another plaster, follow me…….”   A bit like the friend who always has extra wipes on their person, I have now become the ‘First Aid Kit Lady’ and children think that is cool. Everyone feels better with a plaster right!?   At our classes we talk about treating grazes. I think it is fair to say that whilst not life threatening; they are highly likely so being equipped and prepared is key.   We are super excited to have launched our brand new First Aid Kit. Not only does it contain all the First Aid essentials you may need, but it looks GOOD. The change bag is a much coveted fashion accessory for the new parent, we now have a first aid kit which will look just perfect in any change bag, and not a belt loop in sight!   You can get yours at our classes, online at Don’t be caught out - get one today and who knows, you might too become the ‘First Aid Kit Lady’ amongst friends and family!