5 is the magic number of the day! Today my little boy, “Mummy actually I’m a very big boy” turned 5. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone – a bit of a cliché for all parents – but seriously, 5 minutes ago he was wailing half the night and turning our life of lay ins into chaos. Today the night times are better, but lay ins…. For wimps right?! Being 5 is one big party, partying with school friends, then family, and today with his bestie gang that’s he’s been pals with literally since he was born. Pizza making and a lot of eating at Pizza Express, whilst some exasperated Mummy’s looked at each other and wonder how we have survived this far but loving every minute (well nearly every) 5 is also the magic number in Mini First Aid today – because we have become a team of 5! Jodie Beasley joining us in Hull and East Riding, Liz Watt in Devon and Claire Deverill in North Leeds, adding to the long standing hard working Zoe in Bristol and little old me. So we are 5 and soon to be more, lots of exciting introductions will follow. Each Mummy working at Mini First Aid has a different story to tell – all excited to teach others the basics of emergency first aid, and managing their own babies and children at home. Genuine Super Women! And I get to work with them! So when my not so little boy goes to sleep as a 5 year old, I’ve got my eye on a glass of wine to celebrate the number 5. Cheers all xx Classes for November and December are available to book now www.minifirstaid.co.uk