Lucy Pargeter - Emmerdale

I cannot recommend Mini First Aid enough. Kate ran a private class for me and my 11 year old daughter in the comfort of our own home, which was perfect especially as my babies are due any day now. My daughter and I feel much more confident in knowing what to do in a range of emergency situations and I also got some extra twin tips from Kate as a fellow twin Mum! It’s such an important life skill that every parent and carer should have so I would urge you to book a Mini First Aid course today.

Josie Barron, Founder of Mummy Social (followed by millions of Mums)

“This weekend myself and five mummy friends had a private Mini First Aid session from the comfort of my own home. Now I’ve done it I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner, what a no-brainer!! It’s a great feeling knowing that I’d know what to do should a situation arise. All in all, I can’t recommend it enough so get your session booked in now!”

The Unmumsy Mum - Sarah Turner

There are a gazillion things I never seem to get around to doing (fixing the broken blind in our bedroom, getting some photos printed of ‘the baby’ who is almost two but still doesn’t exist on our walls, pinning down the coffee date I’ve been promising my neglected friend via WhatsApp for at least 6 months…) BUT this morning I finally got my arse in gear and ticked off something from my ‘Really Must Do’ list by attending a First Aid class designed specifically for parents, grandparents and carers of babies and young children. It took just two hours out of my morning and covered a whole host of stuff including what to do if a child is choking, how to deal with burns/breaks/bleeding and the basics of life-saving CPR for kids. If, like me, you haven’t done any First Aid training for a while (I don’t think I’d done any since school) I can highly recommend Mini First Aid (and I am NOT being paid for this post, I was just very impressed by Mini First Aid Devon’s class this morning. Other classes are available I’m sure).

Harriet Shearsmith - award winning blogger, Toby & Roo

The [Mini First Aid] course was wonderful – truly something that all parents should do.

Louise Milivojevic Head Teacher, St Joseph’s School, Wetherby

St Joseph’s School, Wetherby (Early Years class) 

Our Nursery class love to get involved in whole-school curriculum enrichment activities but First Aid for 3-4 year olds? Even for our well-seasoned teachers, this sounded like a tall order. How wrong we were!

Our sessions with Claire were absolutely brilliant. Skillful teaching, great resources, clear messages and important safety information; empowering our children to feel like mini first aiders.

With the help of Max the teddy, we learned simple first aid techniques for cuts, scrapes and head bumps; as well as learning how to make someone comfortable by lying them on their side if they are very poorly. We learned about how you may need to phone 999 in an emergency and that you need to know your address. The children absolutely loved The ‘Mini Adventures of Freddie’ story which brought everything together perfectly.

Thank-you Claire. Never underestimate 3-4 year olds! They really can save lives!

Charlotte - Hull

I took part in the two hour course this morning and cannot recommend it enough! I’m already trained in child first aid due to my job, but I’m about to become a mother and wanted some information on first aid for babies. The trainer was so friendly and made the class really enjoyable. She was able to make me feel more confident in dealing with possible baby injuries and my own knowledge of coping with different situations. A bargain at £20 for peace of mind, thank you!

Jade – Hull Mummy

Had a brilliant session this morning in my home with 6 of my family members. After my little boy choked in August we all wanted to attend a class but we found it difficult to find a class that we could attend together, so this was great as the trainer was able to come to us in our home. We all feel so much more confident in using first aid now and it was delivered really well. We would highly recommend Mini First Aid.

Sara, Garforth Mummy

What a fantastic class that is perfectly tailored to busy parents who want to learn what to do if an emergency occurred. I especially liked the fact that we learnt how to deal with scenarios for both children and babies, as my daughter is 20 months old and we are expecting another baby girl in August. I now feel confident that in an emergency situation, I would know what to do. Thank you!

Kay – North Leeds Mummy

This first aid course was fantastic. I’d highly recommend it to all parents out there. We looked into doing a first aid course after my daughter had a febrile convulsion whilst on holiday, which was a very scary experience. Mini First Aid covers convulsions on the course as well as choking, burns, CPR and meningitis awareness. The trainer was warm and welcoming. I left the course feeling much more confident in knowing what to do…I just hope I never have to put any of it into practice!

Michelle – South Leeds Mummy

Attended a 2 hour first aid course for babies & kids today. It was absolutely brilliant! The session was well delivered, clear, and gave me the confidence to think I’d be able to help, if was ever put in a difficult situation that required first aid. Well worth while and a must for any parent/ grandparent or anyone in contact with babies/ kids!

Ella – Torquay

I took a class in Torquay. The trainer made us feel at ease throughout the class and her knowledge and understanding of what she was teaching us really shone through. We had demonstrations of how to do CPR on a baby and an older child and also what to do in a choking incident which the trainer was very confident in showing us. We all had a go and all felt at ease doing so! I highly recommend these 2 hr classes as makes you feel a lot more informed and aware of first aid. Thank you Mini First Aid, you really made me feel a lot more confident on how deal with things from cuts and bruises, burns all the way to CPR and choking!!

Rachel– Manager Kids Academy Leeds

Mini First Aid came to deliver ‘Paediatric First Aid’ to 9 practitioners at Kids Academy. Many of the practitioners had previously completed first aid training but were amazed at how much more they learnt through the sessions Mini First Aid delivered. The practitioners who had no previous training were initially apprehensive but were quickly reassured and now have the confidence that they know what to do should their training ever be needed. The activities were clearly explained, appropriate to the setting and easy to follow. Mini First Aid delivered the training in a relaxed and informal manner but at all times conveyed the importance of accurately implementing the techniques required. I would definitely recommend Mini First Aid to any setting or individual!

Lyndsey – New Mummy Leeds

I would definitely recommend this informative but laid back course. It was jam packed with not only first aid techniques but common sense advice for mums. Felt very relaxed and at ease by the trainers analogies which are very useful to sleep deprived baby brains!


A really friendly and informative session covering all the first aid issues for your little ones! I got so much from this and feel much more prepared (just in case, but hopefully never). Thank you!

Charlotte, Mum to Scarlett 3

I attended this course a couple of weeks ago, and since then have convinced my husband and mother-in-law to attend! I think that as a parent, or someone who looks after children on a regular basis this course is an absolute must. It made me realise how woefully under prepared I was to deal with a First Aid issue, and that there is no excuse for not knowing this potentially life-saving information. The trainer made me feel comfortable and at ease and her delivery style, combined with the opportunity to ask questions and get hands on really helped the information to sink in. Thank you for this invaluable information!

Sean, Bristol Dad

Would highly recommend, very informative. The trainer was very nice. And a good teacher really made me feel comfortable being the only guy in a room full of ladies.

Clair – North Leeds Mummy

We did a private class tonight (ten adults plus the babies). The trainer was great! Very laid back about the babies fussing, needing feeding etc. The class covered all serious first aid cases might come across with a little one and I feel much better knowing that I might cope a little more confidently if god forbid anything should happen.

Samantha - Otley

Really enjoyed the Otley class today. Really felt as though I needed some basic training so I would know what to do should the worst happen and really feel as though I gained everything I was wanting from the class. It was a really good atmosphere and I would definitely recommend the classes to any person who is in contact with babies and children.

Hayley – Baby due in November

The trainer came to my house to complete the Mini First Aid course with myself and 5 others. She was lovely and made the session really interesting and importantly very informative. Would highly recommend to anyone – we certainly feel more prepared for when our baby arrives in November.

Eve – Mum to Sidney 3 months

It was a pleasure to host and I can’t recommend this course enough, it’s a must for everyone with or around babies or children – the best £20 you’ll spend…. ever. The Dads have now booked their own class.

Chris (Grandparent)

Thank you for your Mini First Aid course we attended last night. You presented really relevant, interesting, necessary information for us Grandparents. You were so clear in your presentation, reassuring but seriously factual, covering so much, yet not rushing us. A great confidence booster! As a former teacher, I appreciate another’s expertise!!