Cough Cough Puke

Cough Cough Puke, Cough Cough Puke……   It’s the time of year for streaming colds. Our school children are merrily sharing their germs with each other and still needing reminding to ‘use a tissue’ and ‘cover your mouth’ and ‘don’t sniff like that’. Oh joy.   At home, 2 precious newborns, shielded from the germs […]

Grandparents to the rescue!

Kate Ball – On a ‘mini’ break. It’s the Easter Holidays, which means all those wonderful clubs and classes for children have a holiday too! Enter my 2 children, Daddy has de-camped back abroad to work (2 weeks at home was quite enough for him!) and Mummy is busy with Baby and Child first aid […]


As I sit here writing this blog I have our own 2 children and our friends gorgeous baby boy all sleeping upstairs. It got me thinking what a huge responsibility we take on when we look after other people’s children.   You may well have seen the media coverage and facebook campaign by Millie’s Trust […]