The Day that Starts Like any Other

The Day that Starts Like any Other As 16th October marks European Restart a Heart Day 2017 ; I want to introduce you to one of our trainers, Jennifer Peters. I was chatting to Jennifer about her recent Glasgow launch; when she told me her emotional story about literally restarting a heart. It’s so important to […]

Mini First Aid Would Like To Apologise

  I would like to apologise….   Earlier in the summer I shared some translation tools for first aid issues abroad. If you are like me and not a linguist and more of a ‘have a go’ person then this translation tool is the language assistance needed if you experience an emergency abroad, because you […]

Baby Weaning

At Mini First Aid we will be talking lots about Baby Weaning this autumn and are particularly excited to be working with the Chiappas on the launch of their new ‘Baby at the Table’ book.   One of our franchisee’s Ruth shares her own experience of baby-led weaning and the talks about the fears that […]

Child Care Providers Challenge Parents

Kate – Mini First Aid This week I’ve been running 12 hour Paediatric First Aid for practitioners who work for the lovely Sunflowers Childcare who provide before and after school child care in Horsforth. For many of us, much that we would like to be at the school gates at 3pm, work prevents us from […]

Grandparents to the rescue!

Kate Ball – On a ‘mini’ break. It’s the Easter Holidays, which means all those wonderful clubs and classes for children have a holiday too! Enter my 2 children, Daddy has de-camped back abroad to work (2 weeks at home was quite enough for him!) and Mummy is busy with Baby and Child first aid […]

Mother’s Day reflection

Kate Ball, Mother and Peace Negotiator Happy Mother’s Day to you all. To all the Dads walking round my local area this morning (with grumpy children dragged from their position in front of the TV to be out the house to give mums a break) you are wonderful. To the soft play that provided every […]

Managing on your own?

So my lovely husband is away on Tour, and will be for the next few weeks. I announced on day 1 morning 1 at pre-school that the team effort in the morning was over rated and “I could do this” Since then it’s gone steadily downhill. I’ve crashed the car (into a bollard that jumped […]

Weaning your baby?

Preparing to wean your baby is a time of excitement and nerves; “Will they like solid food?” “How will my baby take to my chosen style of weaning” and for many “What do I do if they choke?”   At Mini First Aid, parents and carers attending the classes have often been motivated to attend […]


As we come to the end of the summer, the wasps seem to be having their last attempt to ruin family picnics, pub lunches and ice lolly moments. You see parents madly flapping arms around picnics to deter the pesky wasps who are determined to join in. I often get asked at my baby & […]