Taking your child to Hospital – What you should know

   Around Bonfire Night, we featured a blog from   plastic surgeon Chris Munson. Well – now it’s time to hear from the other half of this medical power couple: Lauren Hill, Paediatric Registrar. This is a longer blog than usual but our chat was full of useful information which we wanted to share with […]

Want some Bedtime reading?

Want some Bedtime reading? Turn the clock back 6 months, and I’m suffering from terrible pregnancy insomnia. I’ve maxed out the Internet shopping, social media scrolling is becoming blurred and I still can’t sleep. I know…. I’ll write a book. Ha! You think, she thinks she’s a best selling novelist now. Hardly. It’s a book […]

Cough Cough Puke

Cough Cough Puke, Cough Cough Puke……   It’s the time of year for streaming colds. Our school children are merrily sharing their germs with each other and still needing reminding to ‘use a tissue’ and ‘cover your mouth’ and ‘don’t sniff like that’. Oh joy.   At home, 2 precious newborns, shielded from the germs […]

Cold temperature

We have had exactly five minutes of snow in Yorkshire and we our Children are exstatic. The snow man in the garden looks a bit sad, his nose has now fallen off and his hat dried out on the radiator to be worn to school. Poor Mr Snowman, and we weren’t even skilled enough to […]

Look Whats New

Early Years – the first start in our education system. Beginning in pre-school and continued in reception at Primary School.   Our little ones, from 3, start the building blocks for their own learning. Suddenly play activities have purpose, are monitored and development is tracked. Agree or disagree with the measurement and recording of development, […]

Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November!   Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Bonfire Night. Think parkin, fireworks and drawing pictures with sparklers. It can be quite a different experience however for one of our experts; plastic surgeon Chris Munson who is on duty this weekend. We asked Chris about Bonfire Night and how to […]