We Are All Wonder Women

The pressure to be doing OK is immense for Mums. Working, managing growing broods of Children, managing homes, and maintaining relationships with friends and our nearest and dearest. Since having twins, bringing our broad to 4, people often stop me to tell me I am Super Woman. I don’t even wear my pants over my […]

Spreading the love

Spreading the love At Mini First Aid, we’re not just passionate about teaching first aid. We absolutely love working together with some cracking little businesses around the country. Active Phonics is one of those and we hear today from Founder and Director, Rachel Naylor – an experienced primary school teacher and Mum to Archie (5) […]


    A MUST do or a SHOULD do? Back in January, you might have read my blog about New Years resolutions and the fact that my bucket list for 2017 included a Mini First Aid course. Well, now I can be even more annoying and tell you that a few weeks ago, I actually […]

An Open Letter

An open letter.   It’s Mother’s Day, there are 4 of you (yes 4) and life is crazy. Like, super crazy. The sort of crazy I could never have imagined. If someone had said to me when I was in school that by the time you are nearly 40 you’ll have 4 kids, I’d have […]

What YOU need to know about children’s teeth.

We have had such a great response to our guest ‘medical expert’ blogs that we bring you another gem. In our household, tooth-brushing has to be way up there with the school run as one of the most stressful times of the day. So….we took our questions & went to meet expert Dentist and super […]

Taking your child to Hospital – What you should know

   Around Bonfire Night, we featured a blog from   plastic surgeon Chris Munson. Well – now it’s time to hear from the other half of this medical power couple: Lauren Hill, Paediatric Registrar. This is a longer blog than usual but our chat was full of useful information which we wanted to share with […]

Want some Bedtime reading?

Want some Bedtime reading? Turn the clock back 6 months, and I’m suffering from terrible pregnancy insomnia. I’ve maxed out the Internet shopping, social media scrolling is becoming blurred and I still can’t sleep. I know…. I’ll write a book. Ha! You think, she thinks she’s a best selling novelist now. Hardly. It’s a book […]